Yeezy Boost 150 "Carpet Tan", 2017
Yeezy Boost 350 "Oxford Tan", carpet, faux fur

Yeezy sneakers are surrounded by cultural ideologies that suggest it as a signifier for high status, adding towards a specific public identity. As wearable slippers, Yeezy Boost 150 “Carpet Tan”  becomes part of the private sphere, with the treatment of the interwoven “knitted” lace and the incorporation of carpet in the sole to further suggest the domestic. As slippers, the public ideologies become neutralized, however, as art object, the slipper is imbued with yet another set of cultural ideology and the object is returned back to its constructed value as signifier for high status. The intimacy allowed through it’s wearability creates a tension on its expectations as high value commercial object and art object, allowing for an outward and inward perspective on the space, object and value, encouraging for an oscillatory interpretation, a movement between public and private.

Exhibited as part of Neu Collection, shown at PLAZA Project Space.