Rachel's Style (Uncultured), 2016
silkscreen on wood panel
33.6" x 36" x 2"; 8.5" x 11" (notebook)

Rachel Wada
Uncultured, 2016
silkscreen on wood panel
152.4" x 155" x 2"

Study of Peers examine the works of three peers majoring in Illustration. Through small scale studies, directive and nondirective interviews and collaborative journals, I created replicas of their undergraduate projects on a personal level,  examining the effects of visual proliferation and reaching mass audiences, a key factor in illustrative work. Time sensitive, both the original work and studies were presented within proximity to each other during the grad show. Commentaries between the artist and I were recorded and displayed in a sketchbook.

This project along with all the originals were exhibited in THE SHOW , the Emily Carr Graduation exhibition of 2016.

Rachel Wada's website: www.rachelwada.com