Lee Krasner's Mural Study for Studio A, 2017 ongoing
acrylic on canvas, ink, gouache

An act of realizing the unrealized, Lee Krasner’s Mural Study for Studio A is a homage to the late artist and her lifelong practice.  After assisting on multiple mural related projects during the WPA era in the 40s, Krasner was given the opportunity to submit studies in anticipation of the creation of her own mural. Before she could actualize her final study, funding was redirected into war efforts, forcing Krasner to abandon her mural. For the proposed project, I intend to realize the mural on canvas, after producing multiple studies of Krasner’s work leading up to the final mural study as well as through gestures of pursuance for installation in New York. The project will eventually take place on the 25th floor of the David N. Dinkins building, formerly known as Studio A of WNYC radio station, the original building in which Krasner had created the mural for.

The exhibition will consist of the completed mural, sketches, as well as visual iterations of pursuance, coming as research which include obtaining the blueprint for the former WNYC offices, dialogue with Gail Levin, author of Lee Krasner’s biography, requesting access to the original study from Paul Kasmin Gallery, and reaching out to individuals connected to David N. Dinkins building. Through exhibiting in spaces other than the one intended, the mural takes on a transitional state, a mural in motion. This ongoing project will continue investigation and further efforts to build a case for proper presentation in Studio A.

In addition to questioning the boundaries and the interplay between authorship and authenticity, as well as examining the systems that define the value of a “copy”, the gesture of actualization for Lee Krasner’s Mural Study for Studio A can be seen as an archival act as opposed to the creation of something “new”, and empowerment as result of amplifying that of which was subdued.