Hayley's Style (Queasy), 2016
ballpoint pen on panel
24" x 36"; 8.5" x 11" (notebook)

Hayley Dawn Muir
Queasy, 2016
ballpoint pen on panel
48" x 72"

Illustration’s discourse lies beyond the medium and so the ability to reach mass audiences proficiently could be argued as a focus. These studies examine the effects of this proficiency within a saturated visual landscape by creating and displaying studies of previously existing works. As a product and as a non-autonomous art form in the sense of client involvement, the aesthetics become a major defining point, as way of branding and easy marketability. Use of popular aesthetics allows for easy dissemination, attracting and engaging viewers, and so the attainment of a unique, popular and easily recognizable aesthetic is highly encouraged for illustration students. Through the act of studying, creating studies and replicating the process of how one may develop themselves visually, the unpacking of what and where these artists obtained their inspirations for their aesthetic can be found. Commentaries between the artist and myself about their process were recorded in the form of a sketchbook. In illustration, these choices are more likely guided by personal taste and the market as oppose to movements and discourse. 

This project along with all the originals were exhibited in THE SHOW , the Emily Carr Graduation exhibition of 2016.

Hayley's website: http://cargocollective.com/hayleydawnmuir