These studies examine the work of local artist Andy Dixon and the effects of aesthetic proficiency within a saturated visual landscape by creating and displaying studies and exercises based on existing works as well as predicting future works. Through the act of creating studies and replicating the process of how one may develop themselves visually, the unpacking of what and where the artist obtained their inspirations for their aesthetic can be found. Dixon works with the commercialization of art by further playing into the wants and needs of the consumer, developing a visual language that is highly recognizable and prominent, as well as desirable. The use of popular aesthetics allows for easy dissemination. The resulting show emulated the commercial success of an Andy Dixon show, even though the work was created by another artist. Commentaries between the artist and myself about their process were recorded directly on the work.

This series was created during my residency at Make Creative in Mount Pleasant where I had the opportunity to work and study with Dixon.

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